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Other Work:

Our home is shown under "Other Work" as I designed it myself (see floor plans below) and also designed and built myself all the steps and lower decks that are not shown in the plans.  In 2011, I did a major renovation to the east side deck (shown at the bottom). 
  This is just an odd glimpse of our house at Beauhaven.  Working with our builder, I spent a year designing the house -- and Sheila helped redesign it.  Several years after moving in, I decided it was time to design and build the lower deck levels to complete the original concept.  These shots were taken during a 2004 staining project which is why the ladders and other tools are visible.  The surrounding 90 foot oaks are just visible over the roofline.
The multi-level lower deck seen from the roof down.
Our Beauhaven home is a technically correct, passive solar design with high energy efficiency features.  Solar and structural details were worked out with our builder, Paul Konove of Carolina Country Builders, ( ), a leader in passive solar and green home design  .  Paul copied our floor plans, elevation views and electrical plans directly into the formal plan package for building.
Because we could not find a satisfactory plan after searching through thousands, these plans were developed with a computer drawing program (in the days before personal computer CAD became readily available).  Once expanded to the standard 1/4" scale, these floorplans, elevations and also the electrical plans were actually used by the contracting crews to build the house.  (The electrical plan was expansive to allow walking from room to room turning lights on and off without retracing steps.  We also wanted the capacity to later add on circuits for any new requirements -- fortunately for Beauhaven Woodworking.)
By 1992, I had started preparing most of our meals on my grill or smoker.  I had prepared a small 8'x8' covered space for my grill but really wanted a better facility, so I decided to remove a walkway to the side deck and replace it with a covered porch.  Now I grill on an 8'x27' porch with special lighting.  The before/after pictures are left/right.


(Images by Rich Beaudry)

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