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Beauhaven Photo Gallery

Growing slowly with time, the Furniture Gallery has several pieces that represent my work.  All furnishings are available by custom order.  Price will be determined by design requirements and the wood and finish styles selected.


Grill Cabinet:  In recent years, I've become deeply involved in grilling and smoking.  While I had a nice covered deck space to grill on, I had limited space for my tools, etc.  So I designed and built this cabinet with tall vertical space for hanging grill tools and one fixed and one moveable shelf for books, supplies, etc.  The cabinet uses no nails or screws, just joinery including through tenons for the main carcass, sliding dovetails for the partition and fixed shelf, and shiplap to create the back panel.  I later added battens to the doors for rigidity.  (See Beauhaven and WIP)  

Black walnut with boiled linseed oil, 2012


Laptop Station: This table was a labor of love designed and built specifically per the requirements of my wife.  Made to fit between the two chairs in the background, it provides an upper shelf for her laptop and a lower shelf for magazines on her "read" list.  The lower shelf is bounded by custom hand carvings on all sides using the same tree as shown in the detail below left. Pics at right show the original design, the individual completed pieces and the final glue-up. 

Red Oak with a custom wipe-on oil/polyurethane mix. 2010

Copywrite Beauhaven Custom Woodworking, 2009



Display Case:

Because I don't want completed work just sitting around my shop, I built a wall-mounted display case with glass doors.

 Cherry and yellow birch, hand rubbed tung/linseed oil with paste wax finish.  2007-09

Studio Display

Cat Perch (Window Table or Plant Stand):

This customer wanted a window perch for her cat which, after a move, could no longer watch outside activities.  The oak table with square lines to fit with existing furnishings and finished in polyurethane was an instant feline hit!

Red Oak, 2006  SOLD


Spice Cabinet: 

This six-shelf spice cabinet of recycled heart pine was custom fit into an old ironing board closet making the kitchen more usable (3" x 33"). 

Finished in natural shellac, 2005.  SOLD

Tall Pantry:

Made from a recycled school library book shelf, this pantry (seen in the background here) was modified with a back and a custom front featuring closed storage with painted (lower) and glass (upper) doors, an open display shelf and enclosing facade.  (The pantry was painted to fit into the existing decor, but any other painted wood will be contracted out.)  2005    SOLD


Toy Chest (or Blanket Chest): 

The arrival of my first grandson and the need to somehow try to contain the explosion of toys, led me to this activity.  But I didn't want just a box that could be bought out of a catalog.  For my daughter, I wanted a piece of furniture she could admire and that would fit into the birch furnishings of the room.  I hope my grandsons will come to cherish the chest and continue to use it for storage throughout a long life.  (I knew I had succeeded when both boys cleared out the toys, climbed into the box and closed the lid over themselves.)

Birch and birch plywood with polyurethane finish hand-rubbed to a brilliant gloss, 2004


Sofa Table:  Living space and lifestyle may demand furniture that suits a purpose, fits a design concept and yet is generally unavailable in the market.  This sofa table was created from one such need.  To provide a surface reachable from both ends of a sofa that has no room at either end, this table leans into the central seat area, is balanced to accept heavy loading and has a base tongue that slides under the sofa for total security (as well as a sliding extension to hold those coffee cups).  The design matches existing furnishings and adds a touch of excitement with the lean into the sofa (center photo prior to finish). 

Red oak with golden oak stain seal.  2003

 After the purchase of new chairs and a new finish, the table fit right in -- only in reverse.  (It was later replaced in this location by the laptop table shown above and is now back at the sofa for which it was made.)

Curio Cabinet:

This curio cabinet was designed for Mom who collects miniature pitchers.  Quite plain and with narrow door frame and partitions, the cabinet helps to highlight the miniatures within which may be as small as 1/2 inch.  

Red oak and poplar with provincial finish, 2003.


(Images by Rich Beaudry)

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