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Beauhaven Photo Gallery

Early Work:

These pieces are either sold or privately owned -- comparable pieces may be available only by custom order:

"Power", Miniature black walnut carving,  4 inches high.  1985.  SOLD
Chess Sets:  These chess sets reveal a fascination with chess sets that continues to this day (even though I seldom play anymore).



Puzzle chess set of pine.  

Pieces fit together into felt lined board/case.  1977

 Poplar board with recessed tile squares. Overlaid with a Plexiglas surface for ease in cleaning.  1977.  

This chessboard (27 x 19 1/2") has a set of handmade black and silver ceramic chessmen poured from moldings, fired, glazed and felted in 1971.  3" king.  

Reserved for my grandsons.

This large chess set (8 inch king)  is actually a ceramic casting.  After firing, I hand stained each piece (they all even have an iris in their eyes), washed with a glaze, made the felt board (3 inch squares), and then designed and built the custom fitted display case.  It has traveled around the country with only this case to protect it for more than 40 years.  1971.
This sensuous lamp base in mahogany is a design modified to fit our decor.  Four arms reach up to hold the shade and light.  1973.








           (Images by Rich Beaudry)


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