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A Beauhaven View

This is Beauhaven:                See directions at bottom of this page.    

The workshop for Beauhaven Woodworking provides the solitude and solace of a deep wood environment.  Nature's beauty, home and family are all inclusive at Beauhaven.  In Summer, the deep green of mature forest encloses the shop, but in winter the town of Pittsboro can be seen on the far horizon about 4 miles away.  You can visit at 821 Buteo Ridge, Pittsboro most weekdays between 10 am and 5 pm (and any other time you see "Open").                               


An Aug. 2006 look at the workshop front starring the master of the house, Sundance, who we lost in 2008.  The group below shows, on the left (and still needing a door), the milled lumber shed and over to the right the rough cut lumber shelter.  Both have rack space for air-drying and storing lumber.


Above is the completed workshop in Spring 2009 with storage doors and French glass doors on the front -- what an amazing difference in light they made!  In front is the new master, Dante, who owns us all.

Here you can see the 2007 extension for the finishing room on the right side.

From Spring 2004:  Left photo, the Beauhaven workshop is to the right with our home behind.  Right photo, the workshop's deck (outdoor work area) is pictured.


Over time woodworking activities have grown and so has the need for space.  Much of my time for the first years was occupied simply developing reasonably comfortable and convenient working facilities.  The small shop space can no longer be used for the proper drying, care and storing of lumber, or for bulk log storage.  So new structures now provide the drying and storage capacity.

Milled Lumber Shed


Bulk Log Storage


Rough and Bulk Lumber

Then a complete rethinking and rearrangement of workshop space changed a crowded facility into areas where hard work, creativity and the delicate process of finishing can be completed without constantly moving work and wood around or the risk of damaging a piece in its final stages. 
Shot from the double open front doors, this shows the entire original shop.  With the doors open (front and back) there's almost no limit to the size lumber that can be managed.  The front half is open space to which the large tools on mobile bases can be quickly moved as needed.  ...and then...

Checkout that new addition!  Lots of SW facing windows -- perfect for that raking late afternoon sun!



Modifications to some old doors yielded a new fullview door out to the deck and double folding French doors to the finish room.



Finished walls and ceiling are now done and a couple of wall cabinets are in progress in the finish room.  Slow but it's getting there.

Looking left...

Looking right...

...and the display cabinet with a wall!


The sanding station remains on the back deck next to the dust collector closet.  At right,  the deck rail doubles as my outdoor carving stand.


And the final look that shows how much of the inspiration and creativity of Beauhaven stems from our home nestled in and overlooking the central NC forest.

Here the house, the woods and the far horizon can be seen...

Just to introduce the leading Beauhaven  Woodworking characters -- to the left is me, Rich, sitting with Sundance also shown on the right frolicking in one of our rare central NC snows. Below is Dante, 15 lbs. to Sundance's 110, but with all the spirit and personality of his predecessor.

See Carolina Country Builders for more about our home builder.


From Pittsboro, 10 miles go 5 miles on US64E, crossing the Haw River to Mt. Gilead Ch. Rd. on left at the traffic light.

From Cary, 22 miles -- go 18 miles on US64W, crossing Jordan Lake to Mt. Gilead Ch. Rd. on right at the traffic light.

Pittsboro/Cary:  From US 64, one-half mile on Mt. Gilead, left on Sugar Lake Rd, 1.1 mi. to Redbud.  Then 1.1 mi. more to road fork, take right (gravel) fork on Buteo Ridge), go 0.8 miles to Beauhaven on the left just before the end of the road.

From Chapel Hill, 15 miles South on 15/501 passing Fearington Village to Mt. Gilead Ch. Rd. on left, 4 miles to Sugar Lake Rd. on right, 1.1 mi. to Redbud.  Then 1.1 mi. more to road fork, take right (gravel) fork onto Buteo Ridge), go 0.8 miles to Beauhaven.

(Images by Rich Beaudry)


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