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Our homes are not simply a shelter with furnishings to accommodate our needs.  A critical part of how we enjoy are lives has to do with the accessories that we use to make our surroundings "ours".  Whether it be home or office, the items we see and feel (or hear) have a great deal to do with who we are.  They fill our lives with joy and emotional comfort and they provide an introduction for friends and associates to what makes us "tick".


Table Accents:

Working with a rotary carving tool, these Candlesticks and toothpick holders add new accessory options.  Various woods including black walnut, spalted maple and Australian eucalyptus.

Table Accents:  $12 - $20



Desk/Table Clocks:

With a sense of warmth and solidity, a wood clock helps ground that constant sense of time moving onward.  Available in black walnut, Ipe (aka ironwood), Cherry, Birch, Poplar, Sweetgum, Juniper, Recycled Heart Pine, Maple.  2006.

Clocks:  $50 - $75

 (Five dollars off on clock/cardholder Sets:  $70 - $90.     See Business Card Holders below.)

               We're doing some new and slightly different desk clocks this year.  While the woodwork options are the same, the clockworks are complete with face and bezel providing a more finished look. 


Business Card Holders: 

Somehow we all seem to need these and as I was preparing for a private art show, I decided to make a few extras.  Black walnut and Ipe (aka ironwood) shown.  (Notice that the card says Beauhaven Custom Woodworking.)  Also available  in cherry, reclaimed heart pine, juniper, birch and poplar.  2006

Various sizes, finishes and degree of shaping.

$30.00 - $50.00 each


All items below available by custom order.    
Frames and Mirrors:

While they can be made to most any size, this frame is 12" square with a 1/2" space under the glass.  These tung oil rubbed frames can be of any wood, can be made as mirrors, and are also suitable for displaying bulky objects such as awards, medals or other keepsakes.  Ready to hang in either position shown.

This example: Black walnut, 2005.  $75.00

The frame at right now resides in a B&B in Virginia. The mirror and frame above was sold for a 2008 Christmas present.
After a major trip around the US (see heavy blue route at the right), I wanted to have a map to show the trip and all the US travels my wife and I have made in the past 42 years.  To properly secure and display it, I made this 6 foot by 4 foot frame.  The map is laminated in plastic and mounted on 1/8" hardboard.  The wall mount is a French Hook across the entire frame.

Red Oak with Golden Oak stain and hand-rubbed oil finish, 2011.

        In early 2007, I was asked by my good friend, Luna Mountainsea, to provide and install a frame for a commissioned glasswork she was creating for a local doctor.  Made from hard maple and fitted into an existing window space, the frame discretely locks in this exquisite glass art. 

Hard Maple frame with rubbed polyurethane, 2007.  (Commission, SOLD)

Finish Samples:  These boards were prepared to demonstrate various finishes with different common woods and were hung in the finish room.  Differences (not apparent in this small picture), show subtle levels of detail, texture and color. Top to bottom: black walnut, cherry, oak, and hard maple.   2007

Shop Display Only

Each board has five coats of finish as indicated below.  All oil coats hand rubbed.  The six divisions are marked and finished left to right:

T - Tung Oil  (5 coats)

L - Linseed Oil  (5 coats)

L + T - Linseed and Tung Oil         (2 base coats linseed, 3 tung)

S + T - Shellac and Tung Oil          (Base coat shellac, 4 tung oil)

S - Shellac  (5 coats)

T/L/P - Custom mix tung and linseed oils with polyurethane  (5 coats)

Chess Set:

Black walnut and birch veneer squares and black walnut and birch men surrounded by a cherry frame,  2006.   SOLD

Chess sets are available for custom order.  Price TBD based on design requirements, size, woods and finishes used.   Prices may range from $200 to several thousand dollars.


Child's Puzzle:

This simple puzzle was made for my grandson with family pictures on opposite side of the blocks.  (The complexity was limited because he was only three.  An older child could have as many as six pictures included.)  Notice the rich color and grain pattern of the red-dyed sweet gum used for the puzzle tray.  2005

Various woods and finishes (tray).  $55.00 for 2 customer supplied 5x7 photos.  $10.00 each for additional photos.


Black Walnut Group:

This is a display of some beautiful black walnut slabs from a tree that died on our lot.  The base and slabs are from the same tree.  About 15 inches tall.  2005.

$75.00 per 3-piece group.

Dart Board Backing:   

Framed backing in unfinished, reclaimed poplar approximately 2 ft. x 3 ft.  2003.

Price depends on size and wood type.   


(Images by Rich Beaudry)

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