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Beauhaven Photo Gallery

Work In Progress

Additional work is constantly being added, but has not always yet been photographed.  Updated 11/9/2014.

Various carvings are pending as well a special lower cabinet for my outdoor grill space to complement the cabinet shown in Furnishings. 
In Furnishings, I have a wall mounted grill cabinet shown.  This group of cut black walnut will become it's floor sitting counterpart.  On the assembly table is the front face frame and doors. On the side and front are the main carcass pieces which will again have through tenons but this time braced as this will be a large open box for hanging spare grates and other parts that I use as needed.  At the top is the "top" which will support a marble slab that has been waiting for years to be polished and assembled.  Due to all that has occurred, this cabinets was started about two years ago -- I hope to finish it this year.  
With all the work being done (see Beauhaven), there is a fair amount of raw material available for me.  I had this 6 foot stump cut so that I can memorialize the beautiful red oak that stood here with a future carving of a wood nymph.  Look carefully to the left behind it and you'll see a slim cedar trunk that I began preparing years ago for a "totem" carving in honor of my grandsons.  They will chose the images.  
All the work involved removing 12 trees from 8 to 28 inches across from our yard.  The largest red oak and red maple were milled and stickered in an 8'x8'x6' stack of quarter sawn oak and ambrosia maple.  What will I do with it?  I have yet to decide, but right now it's drying and being treated to prevent insect infestation.  For sure, I'll use some of the best myself.
There is really no purpose for this picture other than to show this beautiful slab of red maple.  It's roughly 6 feet by 30 inches and I have no real idea what to do with it though it may become a door. 

Now and then I do some work at flattening it.


"Aurora" started as a chunk of black walnut with a concept and some markings.  Continued work has brought out the basic concept, but much remains to be done.

At right, the first major cutting of the top profile is shown.  Work on the profile and the interior continues.  I'll update the progress soon as I've done a lot of work.  

Major carvings in concept phase -- cut carving blocks.  (Working names only.)

Jack and Candlesticks.

Pedestal Rest

Expect to use power carver.



Expect to use power carver.

A large split knot of black walnut.  Carving has not yet started on these lamp bases.  (Yes, I know it's been a long time coming but other items get priority.)

(Images by Rich Beaudry)


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