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When Beauhaven Shows...

As I expanded my body of work, I began to participate in local arts and crafts shows.  A few pictures help give a feeling of that experience.  But these shows are time consuming and, while drawing many "oohs" and "aahs", they generated few sales while much reducing the time available for carving.  So time devoted to these shows has become very limited and my focus is now to sell through selected galleries and internet sites.  Most "shows" attended are primarily for demonstration of how the work is done.


ChathamArts Display:


One of the 2008 displays of various work.  (The nameplate has since been replaced with a custom plate stating:  Rich Beaudry, Wood Sculptor.)

Show Pics: 

A private show by invitation in Chapel Hill which included several popular artists from central NC..



Pittsboro First Sunday, May '06 where I was the featured artist at Fusions Gallery.


 On the far right, "Aura" shares a window display with the glass work of one of my favorite artists, Luna Mountainsea.

Pittsboro First Sunday, Sept. '06.  This turned out to be a hot late summer day in central NC.  Appropriately, "Sundancer" got its first showing shortly after being rough cut to shape.  But the apparent highlight of the display was "Timeless" (at the time still to be finished but featured in the center).



At the Pittsboro First Sunday for Oct. 1, 2006,  I was invited to demonstrate carving and tool sharpening techniques.

(Images by Rich Beaudry)

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