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This is a complete chronological index (newest to oldest) of all work shown on this website.  Other Beauhaven web pages are generally organized by date, but pieces currently available for sale are always shown first. 

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Pieces shown on this page are displayed with more information and more photos at the page link provided for each.  Just click on the link to be taken to that page.  Return here with your browser's Back Arrow.

Similar pieces (but not replicas) are available by custom order.


Worm Tracks:  2006  Carvings Cat Perch:  2006  Furnishings Award Frame:  2005  Accessories Child's Puzzle:  2005  Accessories
Spice Rack:  2005  Furnishings Black Walnut Group:  2005  Accessories Mountain Fountain:  2005  Carvings Nut Dish:  2005  Carvings
Desert Dreams:  2004  Carvings Blanket Chest:  2004  Furnishings Sheila's Time:  2003-06   Carvings Sofa Table:  2003  Furnishings







Dart Backing:  2003  Accessories Curio Cabinet:  2003  Furnishings Home/Deck:  1991-95  Other Work Power:  1985  Early Work
Puzzle Chess Set:  1977  Early Work Inset Chess Set:  1977  Early Work Table Lamp: 1973  Early Work Chess Set:  1971  Early Work

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(All photos by Rich Beaudry.)

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